Potency is Key

Potency is Key
Potency is the key to unlocking the potential benefits of CBD, according to study results. It is the number one factor to consider when determining which products to incorporate into your routine. Many products on the market contain levels of CBD that would be ineffectual at producing any outcome in study results, positive or otherwise. Dosages that are effectual in a variety of studies tend to hover in the range of 300mg to 4,000mg per day (oil-based), with results dropping off under, and over, those numbers.

The timing of CBD ingestion can have a significant impact on its absorption, such as before or after a meal. In studies, CBD was found to be between five and fourteen times more bioavailable in the bloodstream or plasma when study participants were in a fed, rather than a fasted, state. Results were improved further after a markedly high-calorie, oil-dense meal. When taking CBD, users should time its dosage accordingly in order to most effectively absorb this valuable compound.

While potency and timing of dosage are instrumental to ensuring you get the most out of your CBD regimen, another factor to consider is the form of CBD that you are using. Water-soluble CBD can be up to five times more bioavailable than oil-based CBD, but doesn’t stay in the system for as long, making these two modes of CBD administration a great complement to each other depending on whether you are looking for a faster onset, or longer duration of effect.

The potency of CBD products that you are using is the most important factor to consider when seeking therapeutic effects of CBD in your daily routine, but your results can be greatly enhanced by considering other factors, such as timing of dosage and the form of CBD. Greater bioavailability can be achieved by consuming CBD after an oily, calorie-dense meal, or by looking for products in water-soluble form. For best results, consider all of these factors in choosing the ideal regimen for yourself and those you love.

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