Water-Soluble CBD

Water-Soluble CBD
Water-soluble CBD has greater bioavailability and a faster onset than other forms of CBD that are oil based. Generally, the more easily a substance dissolves in water, the more bioavailable it is. Unprocessed CBD has a bioavailability as low as 5-20%. As a result, you waste between 80 and 95% of the compounds you consume when using oil-based products. Water-soluble CBD is also absorbed more quickly than oil for a rapid onset of effect, making it convenient for treating conditions urgently.

The high bioavailability of water-soluble CBD means that you can achieve similar results to oil-based CBD with lower overall dosage. For instance, if water-soluble CBD is five times more bioavailable than oil-based CBD, then ingesting 33mg of water-soluble CBD is akin to taking 165mg of an oil-based CBD product. With each of their particular absorption rates, that means approximately 30mg of CBD will actually be absorbed into the bloodstream in either case.

CBD taken in water-soluble form can be a great convenience to people on the go, or who want to incorporate a quick and easy administration method into their routine. For many people, CBD oil may be an acquired taste that could be readily foregone by dispensing a few drops of water-soluble CBD into a favorite drink, such as your morning coffee or post-workout shake. This is also a great way to ensure consistency in taking CBD supplements on a regular, daily basis.

Water-soluble CBD that is truly water-soluble disperses uniformly into a water-based solution. While most water-soluble CBD products on the market will clump or separate when added to a water-based solution, ours is produced using methods that make the product entirely consistent, with great solubility. Solubility in water is key to absorption of CBD in the digestive system because it greatly increases the surface area of CBD particles that are able to come into contact with the digestive tract.

Not only is water-soluble CBD more bioavailable with a faster onset, it can be a convenient way of administering CBD to someone who is sensitive to the taste by adding it to food or drink. For those on the go, or who are seeking a rapid onset, water-soluble CBD is indispensable. Finding water-soluble CBD in organic form is a rarity that we hope you’ll enjoy when you give it a try, considering your low impact on the environment and the potential benefits to your health.

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